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Now carrying strain specific products!

Holistic Hope is proud to announce that we are now carrying OpenVape prefilled CBD cartridges! This company is renown for their high quality cannabis products, and the time has come where they are now offering hemp derived CBD vapor products, so we could not be happier to share this with you! The OpenVape prefilled CBD cartridges are a proprietary balance of hemp derived CBD and botanically sourced natural terpenes replicate the strain-specific characteristics innate to the cannabis flower without the THC. Now our prefilled cartridges offer strain specific terpenes; choose from the famous strawberry diesel, grape ape, or lemon skunk.


On top of carrying new high quality vapor products, we now have on shelves an all time high in CBD concentrated vapor product. The OpenVape, lemon skunk, prefilled CBD cartridge has 300 mg of CBD inside a 1 ml cartridge! This is 3 times the strength of our other pre filled cartridges. See what the all the hype is about today, and try the lemon skunk. Offering extremely high strength as well as a delicious hint of lemon! This prefilled cartridge to the right offers strain specific terpenes from the lemon skunk strand of cannabis.

Our grape ape and strawberry diesel prefilled cartridge both contain 100 mg of CBD. Our grape ape cartridge offers the tasty flavor of grape while smoking and enjoying your CBD; as well as the terpenes related to the grape ape strain. The strawberry diesel offers those terpenes specific to that strain, as well as its famous and mouth watering strawberry flavor. We hope you enjoy these new high quality products as much as we do!

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