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Did You Know We Carry Charlotte's Web?

A couple months back, we were about to work out a deal with the great staff at Charlotte's Web and we now offer every single product they produce. Everything from vape pens and creams, to tinctures with 1500mg of CBD packed in to a 1oz bottle, available right here in south Florida.

You may have heard that there is a very long waiting list to gain access to their products. Luckily we have managed to secure a consistent supply from them so you can conveniently order through our website or use our web store to place an order that will arrive in less than 4 business days. We make every effort to get orders in the mail every day so you should never have to wait long for these products to arrive.

If you ever have questions about how much to take of their products, we suggest contacting the Realm Of Caring Foundation (RoC) as they may be able to assist you with things like serving size and specific ingredient interaction questions. This is a great option for those unable to make an appointment with a local doctor specializing in Cannabis, since they can be a little hard to find in some areas.

For more information on CBD & Charlotte's Web, take a look at the documentary "Weed" by CNN & Dr. Sanjay Gupta at the following link. The Stanley Brothers have been featured on major network television numerous times for the work they have done raising awareness on Cannabidiol

Watch this documentary and learn all the amazing things the Stanley Brothers have been doing in the past few years! We are happy to answer any questions you are left with after viewing this story.

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