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Understanding Our Lab Testing

For those who are curious about trying our "H3O Gold, Bronze or Silver," CBD-rich hemp oil for the first time, a common question arises: How do I know this oil is not only safe for consumption, but also is as potent as the packaging claims? For those of you interested in beginning CBD supplementation we understand that it can seem risky. Rest assured, Holistic Hope promises that we test our oil scrupulously.

The lab testing process can seem a bit confusing and the lab results are filled with numbers and other information. But there's two things a consumer of the oil should be vigilant in checking a lab report for. The first question you should ask is, "Has it been tested for toxins?" The second question you should always ask is, "Is the packaging an accurate recording of the actual CBD content of the oil." Through three different labs, we collect the answers to these questions and compare the results to verify accuracy.

First, the oil is tested at the time of manufacturing to calculate the varying level of cannabinoids and to insure the absence of toxins. Then, the same process is done in an independent lab called SC Labs that is not associated with the makers of the oil. This ensures autonomy in the testing process. The last test is sanctioned directly from us, Holistic Hope. We send every batch of oil to an independent lab called Sequoia lab to verify the results of the first two tests.

After collecting and comparing the three different lab results, we are proud to say we have the most cautiously curated oil sold on the market. To view the lab results for yourself, they are posted to the home page at And, if you have any other questions regarding the quality of our oils, do not hesitate to ask one of our employees at the store to go through the lab results line by line with you! We welcome all forms of questions over the phone as well at 954-410-8956.

Thank you from the Holistic Hope Team

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