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How to Get H3O Gold for $50 a Gram!

Being our most popular and potent oil in the store, our returning customers often want to know how they can save on their daily serving of CBD. Our Holistic Hope Hemp Oil Gold is the strongest oil of the three that we have in store. Usually the oil sells for $65 a gram, with around 250mg of pure CBD in each jar.

Now, we are running a special offer that will save you $15 on each gram in a 10 gram bulk order. For those of you who buy two or three grams a month, the savings add up! When you buy a 10 gram packet of individually weighed out 1 gram jars, each jar will cost you only $50! The price is unbeatable.

With the extra savings you accumulate over time, you can try out our amazing CBD edibles! If you've never taken a bite of our Artisan Chocolates, now you'll have the chance get your CBDs in everyone's favorite food!

Also, remember to subscribe to our mailing list through the form found on our home page at to recieve coupons and insider information about the store.

Thanks from the Holistic Hope Team

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