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Happy New Year!

Happy 2016! Holistic Hope is proud to have spent another year serving the South Florida area with the nation's highest quality hemp-derived CBD products! Our store is constantly updating it's products to ensure that the best and only the best lab-tested oils are on the shelf. Since 2014 we've heard so much amazing feedback from our customers, in store and online.

We aim to maintain the same attitude towards the value of our products by permanently adding a great new line of tinctures, capsules, lotions and more by Mary's Medicinals to our store. After recieving so much positive feedback from our customers, we have been recommending them to everyone we can! Mary's Elite 500mg tincture is an all organic, potent mixture of cinnamon extract, CBD hemp oil, and vegetable glycerin for a sweet and refreshing flavour. The tincture is a great size for carrying as it comes in a .05oz bottle. A lot of good packed in a small bottle! Another highly rated product is the Muscle Freeze, which has menthol for a great cooling feeling and is loaded with high quality CBD oil.

To get the most out of your purchases, make sure you stay updated on our sale of the month! You will recieve an email if you subscribe to the Care Club mailingl list, detailing how to get more for your money! Also, following us on Instagram or Facebook is another way to make sure you are updated on exciting product releases and new sales.

If you haven't already, make it a resolution to add CBD to your daily supplement routine!

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