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Iris Gummies

Instagram - We don't just have chocolates in our edibles section! If you haven't
It's time for a change! Have you tried our delicious CBD rich gummies? Iris Gummies are the perfect way to casually add CBD into your routine! Who wouldn't want to eat a gummy a day!?

Each square has 3mg of CBD each.. wow! They come in three different unique flavors. Strawberry Kiwi, Green Apple, and Pomegranate. Each box has enough gummies for a whole month!

Our customers of all ages love Iris Gummies. We have kids and their grandparents supplementing CBD into their diet with these delicious treats! Don't miss out, come get your Iris Gummies today and while you're here check out our other delicious edibles.

For more information and coupons, subscribe to our mailing list. Have a Holistic day!

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