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Casa Luna Mini CBD Chocolates!

Holistic Hope's new CBD edibles are the most fun and tasty way to get your daily CBD! These individually wrapped chocolates are perfect for on the go or for a sweet treat with your morning coffee!

Casa Luna CBD chocolate bars are an amazing and tasty way to get your CBD for the day! Each bar has either 5mg or 15mg of CBD. The two strengths come in a few different delicious flavors. We have special vegan sugar free chocolates, the classics like cookies and cream, dark and milk chocolate, and some other fun flavors like pomegranete and coconut chocolates!

Just like our CBD, the Casa Luna mini chocolates are organic and kosher! The ingredients are artisan quality and specially developed to be the most pure edibles on the market. There's never any additives, preservatives or artificial colors. These chocolates pass our Holistic test!


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