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New Product Launch: H3O

Why you should be excited about H3O

H3O is Holistic Hope’s very own line of high quality hemp oil. H3O offers you the highest concentrations of cannabinoids for the lowest prices. Each gram of oil is extracted from specially grown, high ^CBD hemp plants. This oil has no additives, no solvents, and no toxic elements. H3O is ready to be ingested orally, vaporized, or applied directly to your skin.

H3O comes in three different grades. We offer bronze, silver, and gold strengths, with their respective concentrations being around 10%+, 15%+, and 20%+. With every jar of H3O we include an empty oral applicator in order to adjust and measure your serving sizes. Just insert the tip of the syringe into the oil and pull to extract your desired amount. Then, use the oil in any of the ways listed here!

H3O Gold Photo.jpg

H3O is definitely the best deal around. Not only are you receiving an amazing product, you are receiving the most ^CBD per dollar! Each jar of oil will come with a syringe for application, along with directions on how to do it. We’ve also included the nutritional information inside. We’ve made our product affordable because we are a company founded to serve you, the customer! We want to offer you the best prices so there’s never added stress on your end. Let H3O help you! Our oils are priced according to the amount of cannabinoids per gram. The bronze, silver, and gold will sell for $45, $55, and $65 respectively. Look out for H3O in stores near you!

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