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Should I Buy The Filtered, Gold Hemp Oil, Or The Unfiltered, Black Hemp Oil?

The extraction process to produce hemp oil begins with a closed-loop, CO2 extraction method that removes the useful, cannabinoid rich oils from a large quantity of hemp. For every 1 gram of oil, approximately 1 pound of hemp plant is needed. During this extraction process, some chlorophyll is removed from the plants as well and presents itself in the dark oils. This is how our standard, unfiltered oils are made. There is an added step in the process to make the gold, filtered oil. To achieve this, the gold oil is put through a micron filtration system that removes it of its chlorophyll, leaving only the oils rich in cannabinoids. So the unfiltered oil has plant matter, whereas the filtered oil has no plant matter.

Another thing to consider is varying uses of the two oils. The black oil is a strong, “planty” taste whereas the gold is a slightly less intense version of the same taste. Some of our customers like the black oil better even though it has the strong taste because they believe they receive additional health benefits from the chlorophyll. On the other hand, the gold is useful if you are sensitive to those pungent flavors. Another reason you may want the gold oil is because the gold oil is capable of being vaporized whereas the black oil is not.

Another deciding factor is the price difference of the oils. After the extraction process, the gold oil tends to reach higher percentages of cannabinoid levels than the black, but it can vary by product. A gold and black oil of the same concentration will not be the same price, because the gold is more refined. The gold will be at a slightly higher price than the black. The concentration of an oil also determines the price.

Bottom line: When choosing whether to go with the unfiltered, black hemp oil, versus the filtered gold oil, ask yourself these questions:

1.Do I want to ingest the plant matter as a part of my supplementation routine?

2.Am I okay with taking a supplement with a pretty strong, plant taste?

3.Will I be supplementing my oil via method of vaporization?

Once you’ve answered these questions, it will be clear which oil is right for you! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more useful information!

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