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Product Review: CBD HEMP OIL

As CBD gains more media attention around the world, we have many people

asking us what exactly this stuff is. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is just one of the

85 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It is non-psychoactive and naturally

occurs in all hemp plants. Our products are legally accessible because we get our

CBD from hemp rather than marijuana plants that contain high levels of THC.

Not all hemp plants have the same levels of Cannabidiol, so our

manufacturer has spent year’s selectively breeding hemp plants to create a strain

with ideal characteristics for CBD rich hemp oil production. These plants are turned

into our oil with the use of a state of the art supercritical C02 extraction system that

keeps our products clean and free of toxic solvents like butane & alcohol.

Here at Holistic Hope, we care about our customers. After months of sitting

down with you to find out what you did and didn’t like about the hemp oils we

carried, we are finally ready to offer our very own CBD rich hemp oil to the world!

Our primary objective has and always will be to deliver the highest quality CBD

products at the lowest prices possible. With that in mind, we developed Holistic

Hope Hemp Oil. Unlike most other oils on the market, our oil has gone through

additional filtration to create the cleanest CBD rich hemp oil the world has ever

seen. Every batch is laboratory tested to ensure consistent quality and cannabinoid


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