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8 Ways to Use CBD Hemp Oil

So, you’ve bought your Holistic Hope hemp oil, and you’re not sure how to use it? Check out these 8 easy ways to supplement hemp oil into your diet!

1.Oral Syringe

Most of our customer’s favorite way to take ^CBD rich hemp oil is by measuring their serving in an empty oral syringe, and directly squirting it under their tongue. It takes approximately 90 seconds to absorb this way!


Using an oral applicator to transfer the hemp oil under your tongue is another way to ingest cannabidiol effectively. Just scoop out a serving and place the applicator under your tongue like a thermometer. Wait around 90 seconds for the oils to dissolve off and into your mouth.


If you’d like to swallow your hemp oil inside of a gel capsule, all that’s needed is a syringe to transfer the oil into caps. Fill the syringe with oil, and place an empty cap on the end. Squirt your desired serving into the empty half of the capsule and close it off with the other side!


When you buy our filtered, ^CBD rich hemp oil, the consistency is perfect for vaporizing! Use it in one of our concentrate pens.

5.Treat yourself

Have you made your own cannabidiol treats yet?! Our hemp oil is perfect for adding into brownies, chocolate, caramels, pies, and more!

6.In a smoothie

A quick way to supplement hemp oil into your diet is to add it to your morning smoothie! Keep it in the kitchen so you’ll never forget. A favorite recipe of mine is frozen bananas, almond milk, crushed ice, cocoa powder, and a serving of cannabidiol!

7.With a little fatty something

If you’re hesitant to take the oil sublingually as you’re sensitive to the taste, adding a bit of a fatty food to the mix will still allow it to absorb quickly, without the overwhelming taste. A small dab of peanut butter, hummus, or chocolate syrup will work great!

8.Directly on skin

Did you know that you could put our oils directly on your skin? Add a few drops to the lotion you’re already using, as you put it in your hands. Then, lather up like normal and admire your glowing skin!

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