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CBD Hemp Oil Buying Guide

Cannabis oil is oil extracted from either the hemp plant, or the marijuana plant. What is the difference between the two, and what makes our hemp oil legal? Our oil is extracted from imported, industrial hemp using a CO2 extraction process that decarboxylates and refines the oil into a high grade supplement. Hemp naturally has virtually no THC, and the hemp used in production of our products is a high ^CBD specialized strain. Our ^CBD rich hemp oil products are legal in all 50 states.

Our hemp oil products differ in concentration of cannabinoid levels and filtration. Each oil is either filtered of its plant matter, or unfiltered. The filtered oil tastes less pungent compared to the unfiltered but besides that, the differences are minimal. The deciding factor when you’re purchasing a hemp oil supplement is the percentage of cannabidiol. Each oil is labeled with the percentage of ^CBD in each, and on our website we also provide the lab results which show the breakdown of the other cannabinoids found in our oils.

Once you decide how concentrated you want your hemp oil, next you have to figure out how much you will want to use in a given period of time. This is a completely case by case process. Some of our customers will use 1 gram a day, some of our customers will use 1 gram a week, and some of our customers will use 1 gram a month, so the amount used varies widely.

Most people who are unsure of the serving size they want to use, start with a grain of rice sized amount, and try that one to two times a day sublingually. Once you’ve decided how much you’ll need in a given period of time, it’s time to choose a size. We sell our oils in 1g jars, and the price per gram will be discounted the more oil you buy at a time. We ship online to all 50 States!

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