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Compassionate Care Club

Many of our customers have chosen these hemp based CBD supplements to promote their overall wellness. Here at Holistic Hope we listen to our customers. Many of you have indicated your love of our products, but also that your conditions requires constant supplies and cost can become an issue.


We have been hard at work on a solution for you! Our payment processor offers a loyalty rewards system now that we are beginning to implement. For customers coming into the store and calling in orders, simply ask to be added to our loyalty program and the representative will ask for your name, number, and birthday (yes, we will now be giving birthday presents!!) and whenever you place an order it will be added to your points balance.

For online orders, we are still working out all of the kinks and hope to have it up and running before the month ends. For now, feel free to call in your next order to take part in the loyalty program as we get it running for our online customers.

Enroll at the link below:

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