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Interested in retailing Holistic Hope Products?

Over six years ago, we began our journey as South Florida's first provider of CBD products.


One year later we launched our own line of unique CBD products and have received great feedback from our loyal customers! As our products gained popularity, we began to increase production and expand our product lines. Due to ongoing success in this area, we are now able to offer our products at wholesale prices! With attractive packaging and competitive pricing, our products appeal to the diverse group of customers that consume CBD.     

When you place an order with Holistic Hope, you recieve: 

- Products that are backed up by third party lab testing.

- A personal account liaison to answer any questions you or your customers have

- Unparalleled quality while beating current industry price points

To begin the process, simply fill out this form and a wholesale account representative will contact you shortly. Feel free to contact our wholesale department with any questions at 305-680-4054.

Thanks! Message sent.


It is our mission — from the design of the store front to the quality and selection of the products — to ensure that every experience is unique and personal. The Holistic Hope franchise program has been buillt from the ground up to create consistency in manufacturing, design, operation and overall experience. Our wide variety of resources keep our franchisees equiped with the tools that they need to achieve success.


–Holistic Hope is committed to success of the franchisees by providing them with extensive support and training as follows:

–Selection assistance and guidance by personal real estate team

–Build out and design management by our personal design team

–Comprehensive ON SITE Holistic Hope Training program for store front owners, operators and managers

–Confidential operations, training manuals, manufacturing guides and legal disclosures

–Marketing programs and materials, including social media and digital marketing campaigns both before and after opening – along with 24 hour guidance and support via phone

–24/7 comprehensive support in all aspects of the store front and financial operations. Allowing for easy management


Holistic Hope is seeking experienced and developed partners with an outstanding record for building successful operations. If you, as a principal, do not personally have a relative industry background, you will be required to designate a dedicated operating partner who must meet background and experience criteria, and who must be committed to the full-time management of the business.

Estimated initial investment range from $80,000 – $275,000.

Aside from the required capital investment, a franchisee must be actively involved as an operator of their Holistic Hope store-front(s) either through their own involvement or that of a dedicated operating partner (with equity) who is committed to the full-time management of the Holistic Hope business.

For each Holistic Hope to be developed you must have at least $400,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of not less than $1 million. Each store front is limited to 2 equity partners.


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